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Cash For Houses – This Is What We Do

How Do I get a Cash Offer For My House?

By using our vast knowledge about the market, by using our unique In-House Formula and by avoiding any 3rd parties (Agents, banks, inspectors etc.), we can offer cash for your house and provide a very quick offer so you can sell your house fast for cash and make it a true hassle-free process for you.

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1. Submit Your Info

Call us or use our quick offer form. It’s quick and easy.

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2. Accept Your Offer

Talk To One Of Our Consultants.
We will present you with an offer.

3. Choose Your Closing Date

You pick the date. We can close within 7 days or more. It’s up to you.

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So You Decided That You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash. Great!

How Do We Actually Purchase Houses This Way?

What follows next is a well-thought-out, fully detailed explanation of how the entire house acquisition process works from beginning to end of how to sell your house fast for cash. Please read through this as this will make you understand the entire process. We are fully transparent and we have nothing to hide.

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Step 1
Hearing The Offer

So How Do We Make A Cash Offer On A Home?

The answer to this question might surprise you, but once you’ll understand it, you’ll realize that this is the best way to formulate offers, and they are always fair and based on the current market condition.
We always offer the most money possible for your house!

Keep Reading.

With this process of making offers you are always getting a fair offer since it is based on other houses in the neighborhood that have been sold in a similar condition your property – You can’t beat that!

cash for my houseFirst, we will need to have a good understanding about the condition of your house.
We’ll ask you a set of questions that will help us evaluate the cost of repairs and updates that are required in order to bring it to current market condition.

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Second, we will look for similar houses in the neighborhood (similar size, number of bedrooms, bathroom etc.) that we’re recently sold in As-Is condition and are in a similar condition to your house (also known as “comparable sales”, or “comps”).
We always compare apples to apples. It doesn’t make sense to compare a fully renovated “like new” house with an one that has not been updated for years.

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As-Is House
cash for homes tampa
Renovated House (Believe it or not, this is the same house, just few months later)

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Third, we take the average price per square foot of the comparable sales, narrow them down by the condition and apply it to your house – And in a few minutes, we will give you the offer on your property over the phone!

sell house without a realtor“My home was listed with an agent for months and there were a couple offers from buyers that didn’t go through. I was at my wits end when I found The Local Home Buyers. They made me a cash offer on my home and closed within a week! I couldn’t believe it. I wish I had found them before lising it. That would have saved me a lot of time and headaches.”

cash for homes     Bill J. FL 

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Step 2:
Accepting The Offer

OK, Now That I Got Your Cash Offer For My House – What’s Next?

The next step is to better understand your situation and your personal preferences in terms of selling.
We Go Over All Your Options!

What’s the current situation of the house? 

Is it rented/vacant/owner occupied? We can tailor the best solution for your needs!

How soon would you like to close? 

Some people want to sell ASAP, some people need 90 days to move out – They all work! We are flexible with closing dates and we will make it as convenient as it can be for you!

What is the reason you’re looking to sell?

In many cases we will be able to help you even more, whether it is helping you find a new place to live in or help in any other way we can – We can be very creative!

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Step 3:
Closing And Get Paid!

What To Expect Next?

The next step would be that our amazing transactions coordinator will reach out to you. She will introduce herself and will send the agreement to the title company so they can start the title search. From here on, she will be your main point of contact and she will hold your hand all the way until we close and you get cash for your house!

More Details Please?

cash for houses tampa fl An electronic agreement will be sent to look over and sign. Feel free to also have your legal team look the agreement over, we have nothing to hide. We can also arrange a face to face visit for signatures if you prefer.

cash for houses tampa fl

Our title company receives the agreement from our office and begins the closing process. They are the neutral 3rd party that ensures everyone gets what is due to them according to the agreement. It’s a totally legal process!

cash for houses tampa fl We visit the property (this gives us a better idea of what our renovation team would need to work their magic on).

cash for houses tampa fl Once closed, the title company will then wire your cash to the bank you provided them, overnight a check to you, or you can choose to pick up your check at their local office.

cash for houses tampa fl Remember – We pay your closing costs so when we give you an offer, that offer is what you will walk away with ( of course minus any mortgage payoff, taxes, or other encumbrances on the property).

cash home sales tampa florida“I was trying to sell my house and Joseph came by to see it. With the stress of selling the house, I found someone I could trust. Not knowing how to deal with the process, they handled it with courtesy and thoughtfulness. They gave me time to sort out my affairs. Several people saw my house and Joseph offered me more money for my house, and he gave me an offer right over the phone.

 sell house for cash     Ann L. Tampa , FL 


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